offers high class training options.


One on One coaching: $70.00 per hour

Small group clinics ( no more than 8): $50.00 (generally 2 hour clinics)

Postural Assessments (20-30 minute assessment): $45.00


Option 1: 8 week combined program- Perfect for the nationally competitive rider who looks to peak for big events. Combining a gym, sprint and track regime to maximize performance. Includes: 1x8 week program, 1x consultation and 1x performance analysis.

PRICE: $199.00

Option 2: 3 month combined program- For riders who wish to get some serious preparation for big events at a cheaper than normal price. Offering an elite knowledge to training for the right price. Includes: 3x4 week program, 3x consultations and 3x performance analysis

PRICE: $349.00

THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS REQUIRE A MINIMUM 3 MONTH COMMITMENT. Debits can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Option 3: Weekly debit program 1 - Perfect for the nationally competitive rider who is looking to get to the top of their game but cannot be in contact with me for regular one on one or small group coaching. Includes: continued program design, fortnightly consultation, fortnightly performance analysis. (please note if you wish to perform one on one sessions in this structure it is an additional charge of $70per hour)

PRICE: $29.99 per week

Option 4: Weekly debit program 2 - Perfect for the nationally competitive athlete who is looking to receive specific programs, online and face to face support and perform regular catch ups. Includes: continued program design, 1x fortnightly consultation, 1x fortnightly performance analysis, Invitation to any Small Group training sessions.
PRICE: $49.99 per week

Option 5: Weekly debit program 3: Athlete specific agreement - Perfect for the athlete with specific aims looking for a high end coaching service, regular administration, training programs, annual planning, event preparation, nutritional programs, performance analysis and one on one training.
PRICE: $89.99-149.99 per week